The Pirineos Mountain Film Festival (Pyrenees Mountain Film Festival) was born in Huesca as a film competition focused on productions linked to sport and the biosphere. This film event will celebrate its first edition in 2022 in a sample format, to give way, in 2023, to the first international festival of mountain, adventure and nature short films in Spain.

The new film event is an initiative of the Huesca International Film Festival Foundation with the support of the Huesca Provincial Council, the Huesca City Council, the Government of Aragon, TuHuesca, Aramón, the Fundación Deporte Joven of the Sport Council, the Instituto Aragonés de la Mujer and Peña Guara (organizer of sport activities in Huesca); spurred on by the 50th anniversary of the Huesca International Film Festival (which took place in 2022 and is organized by the Foundation itself). The idea was born from the combination of two important development axis of the territory: on the one hand, the mountain, adventure and nature; and on the other, the link between Alto Aragón and the seventh art through its renowned filmmakers, prestigious festivals and iconic film scenes shot in its spectacular landscapes. The organization set the autumn of 2022 as the announcement date of the contest rules of its 2nd edition, with a competitive scope. These will give way to a registration process for short films from all over the world. The official section, resulting from the selection process, will again have Huesca as its starting point in February, to later tour the rest of the provincial venues and start the national and international tour.