The Pirineos Mountain Film Festival (Pyrenees Mountain Film Festival) was born in 2022 with headquarters in Huesca as a film event focused on sports and biosphere-related productions. This film event is held annually and since 2023 it has been competitive. The international festival of mountain, adventure and nature short films of Spain starts in the capital of Huesca and has venues in other towns of the province such as Barbastro, Benasque, Boltaña and Jaca.

This film event is an initiative of the Huesca International Film Festival Foundation with the support of the Huesca Provincial Council, Huesca City Council, the Government of Aragon, TuHuesca, Aramón, the Fundación Deporte Joven del Consejo Superior de Deportes, the Instituto Aragonés de la Mujer and Peña Guara (organiser of the sports activities in Huesca). The idea was born from the union of two important axes of development of the territory: on the one hand, the mountain, adventure and nature; and on the other, the link of Alto Aragón with the seventh art through illustrious filmmakers, prestigious festivals and iconic shootings based on its spectacular landscapes.

Pirineos Mountain Film Festival seeks to recognise films about sport, adventure, nature and the environment, highlighting their cinematographic and narrative quality in order to encourage the spirit of self-improvement, discovery and admiration for the natural environment.