1.- The Pirineos Mountain Film Festival aims to promote mountain, adventure and nature related short films under artistic criteria underpinned by the screenplay and filmmaking.


2.- It is organized by the Huesca International Film Festival Foundation.

3.- The 3rd edition of the Pirineos Mountain Film Festival will be held from February 19 to 24, 2024 in the city of Huesca.


4.- The Festival is open to fiction, documentary, and animation short films, related to mountains, adventure and nature. Tourism-oriented films and advertising short films are excluded.

5.- Authors may submit as many short films as they wish. The Festival fee is free, but the registration platform, Festhome, may charge a service rate.

6.- Only works made after January 1, 2021, may be submitted.

7.- The films will be submitted for pre-selection in their original language. Films with an original version different from Spanish must be subtitled in Spanish (preferably) or in English.

8.- The maximum duration shall not exceed 30 minutes.

9.- A diverse and qualified jury committee will choose the short films that will be part of the contest. The results of the selection will be communicated to the contact person indicated on the registration form.


10.- All registered short films must comply with the following rules:

  • The registration deadline is on November 19, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.
  • Registration will be done online through the “Festhome” platform (www.festhome.com) filling in all the mandatory fields. The applicant is responsible for the payment of any related fee charged by Festhome.
  • The applicant must create an account on this platform and upload the video file of the submitted short with embedded subtitles as indicated in point 7.
  • The applicants who might encounter problems registering online, due to their geographical location or conflicts in the country, may request to participate in the short film competition by sending an e-mail to: peliculas@pirineosmff.com

11.- Upon receiving the selection notification, the master copies of the selected short films must be sent within the requested period. The Festival will use them to generate the projection DCPs and digital video files. The selection notification will specify how to send the files and the detailed technical requirements.

Important technical requirements:

  • The master copy must be clean of subtitles (mandatory).
  • Subtitles must be provided in Spanish (preferably) or English in a separate SRT file. A subtitle or transcription SRT file in Spanish must be provided for films which original language is Spanish (see note).
  • Preferred resolutions: 2k DCI FLAT (1998×1080), 2k DCI SCOPE (2048×858), 2k DCI FULL (2048×1080) and HD (1920×1080) (see note).
  • Preferred Codecs: ProRes or DNxHR with 10-bit color depth and 2.2 or 2.4 gamma.
  • Frame rates: 24p, 25p, 30p (DCP standard), (see note).
  • Sound: stereo (order: L,R or L,R,C) or 5.1 (order: L,R,C,Lfs,Ls,Rs) integrated and uncompressed.


  • Subtitles: the Festival’s technical team will generate the projection copy with embedded subtitles in Spanish, even for those films which original language is Spanish, in order to provide an inclusive experience in our screenings. During this process, the synchronization of the subtitles will be carried out automatically. Every effort will be made to verify that all the subtitles match. However, the technical team will not make any manual adjustments to synchronize subtitles that have not been properly created. We therefore recommend, before sending the files, to doublecheck the SRT files.
  • Resolution: the Festival projects in 2k resolution, therefore the master copies sent in higher resolutions such as 4k will be converted to generate a 2k DCP with the corresponding or more appropriate frame format.
  • Frame rates: exceptionally, non-standard frame rates, provided they are in progressive mode, will be accepted. Frame rates such as 23.98 and 29.97 will be converted to the closest standard rate.

12.- The festival reserves the right to request additional master copies in different formats according to its technical needs. Any materials sent with technical characteristics other than the aforementioned must be previously agreed with the Festival.

13.- The reception deadline of all the master copies of the selected short films is December 10, 2023. The files must be sent through the specific server that the festival will make available for that purpose. The date on which the copy has been uploaded must be communicated by e-mail to: peliculas@pirineosmff.com

14.- If not previously uploaded to Festhome, the corresponding EPK (Electronic Press Kit) of each film must be sent by email within the requested time to: peliculas@pirineosmff.com

It must include:

  • Three representative frames or photographs of the short film and a photograph of the director. The preferred format is a digital file, 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF with an approximate size of 10×15 cm at that resolution.
  • Bio-filmography of the director in up to 600 characters.
  • A fully filled-in registration template (that will be sent to you).

15.- The participants authorize the organization of the Festival to use fragments of the selected works for broadcast and publication in any media to promote the Festival. Likewise, the Festival may use photographs of the short films and directors, in the press and other media, as well as in the Festival catalogue.

16.- The works in competition will be screened for the audience and the jury members on the scheduled dates of the Festival (from February 19 to 24, 2024) in the city of Huesca.

17.- The selected short films will become part of the archive of the Huesca International Film Festival Foundation and private viewings will be authorized for educational or research purposes.

18.- Any work that does not meet the required technical standards for a proper screening may be rejected.

19.- Taking part in the Festival implies the consent to broadcast pieces of the films on Spanish television channels and on the Internet.


20.- A qualified jury will decide on awarding the prizes and trophies among all the short films selected for the official section. Their decision will be unappealable.

21.- The members of the jury will be designated by the official venues of the Festival and approved by the Festival’s management.

  • Award for Best Short Film.
    Diploma and €3,000
  • Award for Best Adventure and Sports Short Film.
    Diploma and €1,500
  • Award for Best Short Film on Culture and Nature.
    Diploma and €1,500
  • Award for Best Animated Short Film*.
  • Best Screenplay Award*.
  • Audience Award*.
  • Award for the best Ibero-American Short Film*.


* Diplomas and/or trophys awarded by our official venues.

The jury may award special mentions if it deems it appropriate.



22.- None of the prizes outlined in the Contests may be awarded to two participants, nor may they be void.

23.- All the prizes will be awarded to film directors, except for the screenplay award which will be awarded to the screenwriter.


24.- Participants shall be responsible for the non-infringement of the rights of third parties related to the production of their registered films.

25.- Any registration implies acceptance of these Regulations.

26.- The Pirineos Mountain Film Festival will resolve in its unappealable judgment, any eventuality not specified in these Regulations.

27.- These regulations will be published in Spanish and English. For any matter related to language interpretation, the reference text will be the Spanish version.



The short films received may be selected to be part of the PMFF Tour (Pirineos Mountain Film Festival Tour), an itinerant exhibition that will be held in other locations throughout Spain.

The Huesca International Film Festival Foundation will contact the rightsholders of the works selected for the Tour in order to meet an agreement on their participation and define the licensing conditions, including royalties.



Huesca, October 4, 2023