Programming director of the Pirineos Mountain Film Festival, Jesús Bosque has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a diploma in Social Work. With thirty-five years of experience in the audiovisual sector, he has worked in almost all specialist fields: production, script, camera, direction, mainly on documentaries and with a special interest in mountain and adventure cinema and primitive cultures. This has led him to travel to many countries and to work with Latin American indigenous organizations. With some fifty productions behind him, he has received twenty awards at international festivals and many more at Spanish festivals. It is worth mentioning several first prizes in some of the most renowned mountain festivals: Banff, Trento, Torelló, Teplice, Propad, Graz, Autrans, India,… He has been director of the Huesca Film Festival, programming director of the Banff International Tour in Spain and is president of the Huesca Association of Filmmakers.